Do you want to learn more about how MCJC runs, how to advocate and let your voice be heard, and more? The "Let's Advocate" program from MCJC helps you with that! We understand the difficulty for many middle schoolers to speak out about issues they are passionate on, though we don't want it to be a roadblock to make sure your voices are heard! Begin lessons for our Let's Advocate Program, with a variety of lessons below!




"We, the students of the Montgomery County Junior Council, in order to improve interschool relations and cooperation, to promote friendly relations among students of the schools, to increase the effectiveness of the individual student council, to initiate and to promote improvements and activities for the general good of the students of the schools, and to voice a collective opinion of middle school students of Montgomery County to schools, the Board of Education, County Council, and community, do ordain and establish this constitution for Montgomery County Junior Council."

~Montgomery County Junior Council Constitution

© 2020 Montgomery County Junior Council.

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