February Executive Board Meeting Recap

Happy Black History Month! Did you miss the February 2nd MCJC Executive Board meeting? Want to know what happened with everything from a large SMOB Forum, updates from our SMOB, Hana O’Looney, and exciting information on an upcoming event? Read through the article below:


This month’s MCJC Executive Board meeting started with a call to order at 6:02PM. The agenda was approved shortly after. MCJC officers shared updates on what they’ve been working on throughout the month.

Upcoming Financial Literacy Workshop!!!

In her Officer Report, Zaria, MCJC Treasurer, shared information on an upcoming MCJC Financial Literacy event that will take place on Tuesday, February 8th, from 6 - 7:30PM. This event will be led by MCJC and Ms. Catie Hogan, a financial literacy advocate and comedian, along with guest speakers such as our 44th Student Member of the Board (SMOB), Hana O’Looney. SSL hours will be rewarded! Take time out of your day to join this exciting event!

RSVP Link:

MCR Report: Ashley Morales

MCR Vice President, Ashley Morales, presented her MCR Report. She gave insight into their plans for the MCR Executive Board meeting happening on February 3rd. She shared more updates such as new MCR merch (which you can order at, the Special Elections Committee is preparing the upcoming SMOB Nominating Convention (Nom Con), the Legislative Affairs Department is planning the MGA Advocacy Day, the Educational Policy department is planning a mental health forum, and the Environmental Issues Task Force has a Popcorn Fundraiser (which you can learn more about at

Want to reach out to MCR? Email them at or find them on Instagram/Twitter @mcrsga.

SMOB Report: Hana O’Looney

After Morales’ report, our 44th SMOB, Hana O’Looney jumped on to share a lot of new information! Hana shared updates about the Operating Budget. She also shared that the NEW Superintendent of Schools for MCPS will be announced on Tuesday, February 8th and future snow days now have a virtual learning option.

Executive Board members had the opportunity to ask any questions or share their concerns with Hana O’Looney.

Email Hana with any questions at Hana_O' or follow her on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok @hanaolooney.

SMOB Forum

After our engaging discussion with Hana, the Special Elections department shared a presentation that kicked off our February SMOB Forum. Ryan Shin, Special Elections Director, began.

SMOB candidates were first asked to share a little bit about themselves and why they decided to run for SMOB. Many SMOB candidates shared their experience in student advocacy and what drove them to run for this position.

They were then asked if MCPS should remain in-person or switch to virtual learning. Most SMOB candidates shared the importance of in-person learning,= but explained how virtual learning should be an option for students with immunocompromised family members or students who are still anxious.

The third question asked candidates how they would work on mental health. Many candidates talked about hiring more psychologists, workload, wellness periods, and more!

The lack of COVID testing was another issue. SMOB candidates shared their opinions on this issue and explained how money and resources are important regarding funding for test kits.

Finally, Candidates were asked to talk about one issue that they felt is unaddressed. Some shared their concerns on the LGBTQ+ community, equity, the opportunity gap, representation, and more!


The Evaluator department presented its monthly Evaluator Report. They shared data from a previous survey that was sent out to all Executive Board members regarding the previous Executive Board meeting on January 5th.

Congratulations to Ryan Shin for winning MCJC Member of the Month! Director of the Special Elections Committee, Ryan Shin has worked hard to organize the February SMOB Forum with a total of 12 SMOB candidates.

MCJC Advisor, Ms. Dean, closed the meeting with final comments. She reminded members that our February General Assembly will be Saturday, February 19th, from 10AM-12PM. Stay tuned for more information!

The meeting was adjourned 14 minutes ahead of schedule at 7:46 PM.

Written by Peter Boyko (Legislative Affairs Director)

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