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Director: Ameera Pervez, Michelle Zhang

Deputies: Evaluators: Yara Elbarony, Benjamin Hall - COS Deputy: Charli Mason, Hannah Cooper, Nitya Akkanapragada, Rudrojas Kunvar, Anish Hari, Rosie Barber

The role of the chief of staff is to ensure, through regular phone calls, video calls, and email messages, that all members of the Executive Board are fulfilling their duties, maintain a chart that indicates what each staff member has achieved, and serve as a general assistant to the officers.
If the role of parliamentarian would be vacated, the deputy Chief of Staff shall maintain the General Assembly and Executive Board legislative charts, review the criteria for awards given by MCJC, work with the Public Relations Director to publish and promote schools’ applications for awards, and continually update the membership involvement award data and announce updates at Executive Board and general assembly meetings.

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