Student Service Learning (SSL) hours are hours you can earn by volunteering. If you may not know, 75 SSL hours are required to graduate from high school. Students who earn 75 SSL hours in middle school are eligible to earn the Super Intendants Award, and another special award if students reach 260 volunteer hours. 


In MCJC, our SSL Department works hard to help students in Montgomery County earn these hours by regularly posting information on upcoming opportunities. On this page, expect to see many opportunities and tips on how to get more SSL Hours! 


Here are a few easy ways to earn SSL Hours in your school: 

- Ask teachers if you can volunteer to clean up, or ask to help sort out different items in the classroom 

- The librarians would always like an extra hand! Ask if you can come and help in the library for some SSL Hours. 

-Volunteer in places that you love

-Ask places of religious interest to volunteer so you can earn SSL Hours. 

Here is the SSL Form that you can turn it to earn your SSL Hours. 


    Click the link to sign up and for more information! 

​At this moment, there are no upcoming opportunities available. MCPS has closed out, giving SSL Hours. Though, there might be a way to tutor students in a lower grade to earn hours from teachers. They may not be submitted right then, but you can hold onto the forms and wait until it is allowed. 

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