Director: Varun Srinivasan, Armaan Jain

Deputies: Webmaster/PR Deputy: Sadhana Thilak, Vinita Chukka, Tabitha Cutler, Nuha Razak, Nitya Akkanapragada, Samanvi Hari

The role of the Public Relations Department is to promote awareness and understanding about MCJC throughout the Montgomery County middle schools and community media outlets, to prepare press releases with the Publications Director, to handle all MCJC correspondence with the MCJC secretary, to organize and maintain MCJC events, to organize events that promote MCJC, such as school visits, to plan and facilitate student advocacy training tips or workshops at MCJC General Assemblies, to promote and advertise MCJC by making digital visuals such as Public Service Announcements (PSA) and movies to help advocate for MCJC.