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What Should Never Have Existed

Hannah You

i. sin
see them scurry across, as if they have
a purpose, as if they are something more
than a speck of dust inside a mighty wind.
look at the stars, child. see how they shine,
how they gleam like the unadulterated beings
they are. this is what we should have been.
just present, just living, never interfering and
certainly not destroying. what are we? who
made our hands so precious and important
that they are given the right to heal and
destroy? what did we do, that what makes us
have the right to do anything rather than to
watch the waves lap back and forth, ebbing
into fading foam? look at what our hands
have made. the ocean is meant to shine. we
should have understood, ocean is not a place
for putting things that don’t belong. look
closer. the most unnatural thing is us. do
you see anyone else who can destroy as we
do? we are but a part of this world. we rely
and need the ocean as much as anyone else.
tell me, what makes us so different? rise above
the waves, but all you can do is come back

ii. repentance
steadily growing & gracefully falling
we fall one day, but we can do it with dignity.
because we know that if waves can fall, they
can rise again. perhaps we can change. see
the waves? it’s calling to us. we have to believe
we can make things right. if our hands molded
this world into something so breakable, we have
to believe we can turn it back. we can do more
than just hope. you can imagine ocean before it
was tainted, but you can also make it a reality.

imagine the soft laps of water brushing against
your feet. imagine them floating back and forth,
back and forth, leaving but always coming back.
the water shines, just as it was always meant to.
open your eyes. now make them come true.

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