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Cat & Mouse Desk Organizer

Make an adorable desk organizer here! This is great for storing pencils, pens, and erasers with multiple compartments all in one amazing craft. Bonus: Learn how to add glitter to your project from the note at the end!

  • 1 toilet paper roll tube

  • 2 medium-large piece of cardboard

  • 1 can (empty and cleaned)

  • 1 round container (empty and cleaned)

  • An assortment of other containers (optional)

  • Colored paper

  • 1 piece of white paper

  • 1 Sharpie

  • 3 pipe cleaners

  • Glue stick

  • Decorators (glitter, pens, markers, etc.)

  • Glue (optional)


1. Glue colored paper onto one large piece of cardboard. This is the base of your organizer.


2. Glue colored paper onto the other containers as well and add decorations. For the round container, draw or glue on eyes, the nose, and the ears. For the whiskers and the tail, use pipe cleaners.


3. Draw a mouse onto a piece of paper, color, cut out, and glue it onto the 2nd piece of cardboard. Cut it out and glue to the toilet paper tube.


4. Create partitions with the extra pieces of the 2nd piece of cardboard if desired for containers following the directions on the templates.


5. Glue the containers onto the 1st piece of cardboard.


6. Put your writing utensils in and enjoy!


Note: If you would like to add glitter to your container, glue the glitter onto the container, and let dry. Then, add two layers of mod podge, letting it dry in between layers to seal the glitter and prevent it from falling off.

Tip: Make your own mod podge with glue and water. Mix them together following a 3:1 ratio where 3 is for glue and 1 is for water.

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