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Plastic Food

Peter Boyko

I settle on a branch,

My feet wrap around like chains

As I ponder

And watch the waves crash



Against this sunny, beachside shore


No noise around

Nothing constructing sound

Except the relentless waves that roar

Against this sunny, beachside shore


It’s my kind of peace

Where all the turmoils cease

Where I can rest

My pressed and stressed 


On this sunny, beachside shore


But hunger swarms me

Like a hive of bumble bees

No food in days

And I pray



On this sunny, beachside shore


So, I stretch my wings

To prepare my daily hunt for prey

When I see a strange spectacle wash up

On this sunny, beachside bay


I swoop down to the shore

With my gentle, yet skeptical, wings

I land

I stand

With great posture, next to this bait

That I must investigate


I start circling this ominous thing

As if we’re about to fight

I’ve never eyed this strange beast

But here we are, eye-to-eye


It’s stuck on a stick

And waves like a flag in the wind

Empty to the core

On this sunny, beachside shore


I approach it closer

Still curious


Now I stab


And nab

This bag

With my beak


And I rip off a piece

Of this plastic bag with my beak

And it comes of delicately


I’m hungry,


Why not try this plastic food?

I’m in a hungry mood


So, I eat this bag

Away it goes

I took a second piece, a third

And then I froze


That third piece:

Too big for my throat

So I choked


I start to feel dizzy

And weak

With this bag trapped in my beak


No one to help

So I fall



On the floor

Of this deadly, beachside shore.

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