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Plastic Bottle Flowers

Make beautiful flowers out of plastic bottles here! Create an easy and fun craft with a few simple materials and help the environment! See some ideas for using your flowers in the Bonus section. Get ready to be amazed.

  • Plastic Bottles (1 for every flower you want to make)

  • Multi-Surface Paint

  • Scissors


1. Cut the plastic bottles above the label. For the flowers, you will only need the top part of the bottles. Learn how to use the bottom part to make a vase/pot for your flowers in the Bonus section.


2. Cut slits into the bottle to form petals. Cut round edges for each petal if desired.


3. Uncap the bottle. Paint the flower and the cap. The cap will be the flower's center. Let dry.


4. Cap your bottles and your flowers are ready!


Create a vase/pot, stem, and leaves for your flower! Paint the bottom of the bottle that was leftover from the flower craft. Take a wooden skewer or a plastic staw and paint green. If your straw is already green, you do not need to paint it. Let everything dry. Take a piece of green paper and cut out a leaf. Glue or tape the leaf onto the skewer or straw. Tape the skewer or straw to the back of the cap of the flower and you are done!

Note: if using skewers, tape the sharp side to the flower.

More Ideas:
  • Garden Decoration: Add a waterproof sealer to your flower. Wrap a green floral stem wire to the cap.

  • Flower Garland: Attach flowers onto a strong piece of string and hang on a wall.

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