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Ocean Protection Contest
Theme: Ocean Protection

Here you can create a project that expresses the idea of helping the environment. This year's theme, Ocean, allows MCPS students to learn more about the ocean, come up with a creative submission, and have a lot of fun! Join us as we go one step closer to saving the Earth.

All participating students will earn 5 SSL hours. Participants do not need to complete an SSL form.

Submission Deadline: 5/1/21 at 11:59 pm

This contest has closed.

Contest Directions
  1. Choose the category of your submission from the categories provided

  2. Read the Contest Rules and Judging Information

  3. Create your contest submission; make sure to follow all requirements for your category and contest rules

  4. Submit your submission through the submission form

  • Writing: Students will submit a short story, poem, essay, or article relating to the theme: Ocean

    • Short story, essay, and article submissions must be in 12 point font, Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins​

    • Short story length: 3 - 7 pages

    • Article and essay length: 1 - 5 pages

    • Poem submissions must be in 12 point font, Times New Roman font, single-spaced, with 1-inch margins

    • Poem length: No more than 2 pages

  • Video: Students will submit a documentary, animation, skit, newscast, advertisement, etc. to raise ocean awareness

    • Video length: 1 - 7 minutes​

    • Video must be submitted as a youtube, dropbox, or google drive link (make sure the link is public/shareable so judges can access the video)

  • Music: Students will compose an original piece of music and record a video of them playing it. Students may choose to play their music using instruments made out of any recyclable materials (drumming on Tupperware, etc.)

    • If there are lyrics, students must provide a document of the lyrics​

    • Students will also need to provide the sheet music of the composition

    • Musical performance video must be submitted as a youtube, dropbox, or google drive link (make sure the link is public/shareable so judges can access the video)

    • Video performance length: 1 - 4 minutes

  • Art: Students will create art digitally or by hand using any mediums including but not limited to colored pencils, markers, ink, etc.

    • Artwork may be 2D (on paper, etc.) or 3D (sculptures, recycled material art, etc.)​

  • Online Interactives: Students will create an online game, website, or any other online interactive that relates to the theme​

    • Online interactives must be submitted as a link

Contest Rules
Contest Rules
  • Students may only participate in the contest individually. 

  • Participant must be a student in Montgomery County Public Schools

  • Participant must be in middle school (grades 6-8)

  • Submission must be original

    • No copyrighted music, images, videos, audio clips, etc.​

  • Sources must be cited

  • Each person may participate in multiple categories but may only submit one entry for each category

  • No offensive language

  • Submissions must be in English

  • Submission must be related to the theme

  • Only submissions that follow all contest rules and have been submitted by the deadline will be judged

Judging Information
Judging Information
  • This contest will be judged by MCJC's Environmental Affairs department

  • Submissions will be judged by the judging criteria below

  • Winners will be announced on 5/11/21

Judging Criteria

Creativity - 50%

This criterion represents how original and unique your submission is. We encourage you to think outside the box to set your submission apart from others.

Relevance - 20%

This criterion represents how well your submission is related to the theme, ocean and how well it demonstrates environmental protection

Execution - 30%

This criterion represents the quality of your work and how much effort you put into your work.

  • Winners and their winning entries will be featured on the MCJC website.

  • Winners will receive a certificate.

  • All participating students will be able to earn 5 SSL hours.

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