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Environmental Problem Solving Platform


The environmental problem solving platform is a competition where you can submit and share your solutions for environmental problems! You can enter by following the rules, criteria, and steps to create your solution and its corresponding presentation, then submitting it in the google form below. Our environmental affairs team will judge the submissions, and the top 3 will be featured in the gallery below, along with their name, solution, and a short description. Thanks for participating!


  1. Do not copy solutions from other sources; your solution must be original.

  2. Be safe when creating your solution, prototype, or presentation!

  3. Have fun!


Your presentation will be judged based on the following criteria:

Creativity of the solution: 30%

Feasibility: 20%

Steps/Process of creating the solution: 20%

Content/Evidence: 20%

Organization of the presentation: 10%


Step 2:

Formulate your idea

Think of a solution to this problem and how it will impact the world. What will be used? How can it be implemented? What will it do?


Step 4:


Enter your presentation and other information into the form below, and you're all set!

There was an error with the form, so if you have already submitted, please fill it out again. We apologize for the inconvenience. The link is below.

Step 1:

Identify the Problem

Make sure the problem you are addressing directly impacts the environment. The bigger it is, the better!


Step 3:

Create your Presentation

You can present in either a video or a slides presentation. Make sure to include all the content required. Remember, be persuasive!



Jeremy Zhang, 3rd Grade

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